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Chairpersons Annual Report

Chairpersons Annual Report 2017
Fundraising this year, has followed the much-established pattern of previous years with our annual Advent Fair and Scarecrow Trail. Both achieving better results than previous years! Additional income from the sale of donated scrap metal is most welcome with little work involved.
The Scarecrow Trail was once again a major success being praised by the local residents for the benefits it also brings to the village with all the extra visitors. Many people, that have no direct connection with the Group, made scarecrows for which we are extremely thankful. 
The Group participated in some local community activities including the Christmas tree decorating and Carol services in our community churches. The young people, who took part, enjoyed the experience and it is hoped that we may be able to encourage more young people to participate. 
The Group is still short of Leaders in most sections, causing a few problems in providing the weekly meetings and external activities that the young people have come to enjoy. The committee and leaders are all actively working to resolve this ongoing problem, despite being faced with all the other commitments that people have these days. 
Despite the leadership problems, our numbers have held up in all sections and the Group continues to be a very happy, efficient and effective Group in the local community. 
Restricted funds held at the end of the year, are monies received for this year’s camps and surplus from previous years held for new equipment.  
Trevor White
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